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The Foxfire Tarot

“Welcome! In case you haven’t noticed, you’re now in a world quite different from your own. Whenever someone creates something with all of their heart, that creation is given a soul, you see…”

The Baron Humbert von Gickengen
The Cat Returns – Studio Ghibli

A Tarot deck for seers, seekers and players.

A tarot deck of 78 cards by Poppy Porter created for the seer, seeker and player inspired by the fire in the spirit of the fox. This deck is for divination, self-guidance and game-play. You can use the cards to investigate the deeper meaning in your life and to have fun playing card games in a social setting.

The Foxes Need Your Help!

The first edition of this vibrant deck will be available if the Foxes get enough financial support for their Kickstarter campaign which will launch in Autumn 2024.

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For the Seer

Tarot is a tool to seek the truth; the fox messengers in the Foxfire Tarot get everywhere and know everything. They bring insight and link you to the liminal space beyond our normal experience. They are cunning enough to walk the knife edge of a dilemma and wise enough to know how to resolve it.

For the Seeker

In this accessible deck you will meet a magical cast of foxy characters who, with humour and outstretched paw, will help establish and strengthen your ability to read the tarot and find the answers you seek. Each card allows you to walk the fine line between darkness and light with wisdom and cunning. They will show you, if you look, a path previously unconsidered.

For the Player

The Foxfire Tarot returns to the roots of the tarot as a gaming deck; play is easy as the suits, numbers and names are clearly visible when held in hand. The luscious deck art retains all the richness of imagery that comes from the long tradition of tarot cards. Lean to play with the included easy to follow guide.

Why You Need The Foxfire Tarot

The deck comes with 78 individually illustrated cards, a comprehensive book of meanings, including ideas for new reading spreads, plus rules for playing the ancient game of Tarot.

Luscious Artwork

You will discover stories waiting to be told. Each card in The Foxfire Tarot is meticulously hand painted and colourful. They show each vivacious foxy character and symbolic environment off to their best. The Foxes are full of energy and can not wait to help you on your journey. You’ll be like a kid in a candy store!

Deep Symbolism

Empower yourself with the richness of the Foxfire Tarot. Each card is deeply researched and intuitively designed. In every card you can let your mind wander and discover many little details to help you tell your story and answer your knottiest questions.

Foxes Are Perfect Messengers

Red foxes populate the Foxfire Tarot, a species ubiquitous in the entire Northern Hemisphere. Foxes are liminal creatures of dawn and dusk; in folklore they are often messengers between worlds. They are strategists and tricksters perfect for bringing out the wisdom of the tarot and enlivening games with their vivacious characters.

Learn To Read Tarot

If you have never used a tarot deck included is a booklet full of card meanings, instructions and clever new tarot spreads to try. The deeply researched mini-manual that comes with the deck contains full meanings for each card including meanings for when the cards are drawn reversed (up side down).

Glorious Energy

Whatever your level of expertise, the cards are bursting with glorious life and individual energy, the characters of The Foxfire Tarot will become fast friends and a lasting ones. However you use your deck the foxes will be there to help you, with their colourful characters and lively energy.

Learn To Play Tarot

Full instructions are included for how to use the Foxfire Tarot as a gaming deck. Games with tarot cards are as old as the decks themselves and a really sociable way to spend time with your friends. The cards are designed with ease of play in mind.

The Art

Creating The Foxfire Tarot

The foxfire was lit in 2021 when Poppy developed an obsession with all things foxes, drawing them, reading about them, and if she was lucky seeing them out and about around her home in Surrey. A huge fireball of creativity swept through her life in the form of The Foxfire Tarot. The Devil was the first out of the den, and her arch and mischievous temperament paved the way for the vivacious character of the deck. All 78 artworks are by Poppy, starting as pencil sketches, then inked and painted in Photoshop. The whole process took two years from March 2021 to March 2023.

Poppy Porter

Creator of the Foxfire Tarot

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The first edition of the Foxfire Tarot will be available if the foxes raise enough funds via Kickstarter in Autumn 2024. They need time to find lots of people like you who love tarot, cards, games, art and of course foxes enough to back the deck! Sign up to their mailing list to keep up to date with news and be first to know when the Kickstarter goes live!

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